What is a land bank?

A land bank is a public authority created to hold, manage, and develop tax delinquent, vacant, abandoned, dilapidated, and other properties.

What properties can be included in a land bank?

Land bank properties consist of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural. The property can have a structure on it for rehabilitation or it can be a vacant lot.

Who can purchase properties thorough a land bank?

Properties are available for purchase by the public. Nonprofits, individuals, for-profits, community development corporations, or other interested parties. 

Does the land bank operate like a banking institution?

No, the Land Bank is not a bank in the traditional sense. It does not provide funding.

How can land banks impact the community?

Land bank can have the following financial impacts by reducing direct cost of blight and the direct costs municipal services expend to maintain blighted and vacant properties. They can return lost tax revenues due to abandoned properties to the tax role and reduce lost tax revenue due to lower surrounding property values, loss of potential investment & economic development within a given community or neighborhood.

What are the participation requirements for Municipalities\School Districts?

Participation with the land bank usually requires the execution of intergovernmental agreement that governs both entities and identifies the general policies and procedures.  A participating member will designate a non-voting representative to work with Land Bank Board. School Districts representative will act in advisory/non-voting capacity.

Does the land bank have eminent domain authority?

No, the land bank does not have eminent domain authority.

Can the land bank extinguish or cancel property tax liens?

Yes, the land bank may waive or extinguish existing liens(s) on a property of interest to the land bank in conjunction with the appropriate action by the governing authorities (county, school and city). A land bank can not remove any other lien types, such as stormwater, sewer, mechanic, federal or state.

How do land banks work with potential partners?

A land bank Board can exercise its powers and discretion to work with potential partners in meeting its priorities. Applicants can propose projects consistent with land bank priorities or other ideas consistent with the needs of the community. Land banks facilitate housing development, neighborhood clean up, property assemblage for development, and other worthwhile ventures.

What are the minimum requirements for an applicant seeking to acquire property from the land bank?

All applications to the land bank must include at a minimum the following details (a) complete name and addresses of principals (b) legal status of applicant(s), the organization and its financial structure (c) its prior experience and expertise in developing and managing projects to their completion (d) have a credible/provable history of working with various agencies of government and the community in which a proposal is to be evaluated/considered (e) be free of legal and financial obligations that would prevent, hinder, delay or infringe upon the completion of a proposal or the image of the land bank.


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