Our Programs

Our Programs

The DeKalb Regional Land Bank has recently re-engaged in its mission to return non-tax revenue generating properties located within DeKalb to productive, taxable uses that meet local community, government, commercial, and environmentally friendly uses that stabilize the community, our neighborhoods and their surrounding areas.

The DeKalb Regional Land Bank is an independent quasi-governmental agency that will partner with entities focused on this community and with the government to bring about the mutual interest of local stakeholders.

The DeKalb Land Bank will operate in a transparent and open manner consistent with its goals and leadership of the Board of Directors. The DeKalb Regional Land Bank is intended to be a tool for acquiring, holding, transferring and disposing of properties in order to accomplish our priority goal of partnering with private or public entities. When engaged and approved by the Land Bank Board our partners will commit themselves to the creation and sustainability of livable or affordable housing, vacant lot and blight remediation\removal, certain kinds of commercial/retail development, parks and green space creation, side lot development and other creative ways of improving the lives of DeKalb citizens.

The DeKalb Regional Land Bank will utilize its full authority and ability to fully implement the intent of the enabling legislation as approved by the Georgia legislature (SB284), July 2012. Broadly speaking a land bank can buy and sell property, receive donated properties, clear title and liens against property it owns, establish buyer and seller criteria consistent with the law, prioritize the extent to which they partner with for-profit or non-profit entities and aggregate properties for assemblage, development or sale as it may deem appropriate.

We look to maximize the success of the land bank and will endeavor to be creative in the marketplace as we evaluate your submitted application. We realize the competitive nature of this market and look forward to receiving your well throughout proposal. We hope that our partners will join us in making DeKalb a better place to live, work and excel.


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